4 Essentials for Fire Cooking

Let's get this fire started

If you're like me, then warmer weather means grilling season is upon us. From backyard BBQs to campfire s'mores, any excuse to cook over a fire is a great idea. But what gear do you need? Here are my 4 essentials to help you cook over the fire this grilling season.

1. Local Firewood


The fuel that you use for your fire is the foundation of a great cooking experience. Finding good wood is the key to enhancing the flavor of your meal. But isn't all wood the same? False, there is certain types of wood that make cooking a lot easier. I highly recommend cooking with hardwood! Hardwood is an excellent fuel source as it tends have a long burning duration and gives off a substantial amount of heat. My fires tend to include oak, cherry, and hickory since those are commonly found in the South. If your located somewhere else, then few other types of hardwoods you can cook with include apple, mesquite, birch and walnut. I recommend locating a local firewood vendor that has multiple options of hardwood. If you are not able to find a local firewood vendor, then check out Cowboy Charcoal Pit-Style Cooking Wood.

2. Cast Iron Skillet


Having a good cast iron pan is essential. Not only can it withstand high temperatures, but it also absorbs heat in order to make an even cooking surface. This creates the perfect pan for cooking all your favorite campfire meals like steaks, eggs, and bacon. The best part about cast iron is that its cheap and can be found online!

3. Fire Cooking Gloves


When your dealing with fire, you need to be able to pick up and move hot objects. Having some good fire cooking gloves can save you from a multitude of hurts. There are plenty of options, but I recommend buying some good leather gloves. I use my gloves for absolutely everything from moving firewood to picking up hot skillets. They are actually so essential to my cooking that I take them everywhere I cook.

4. The Perfect Grill


Hand forged from American steel, Arteflame is the perfect grill for fire cooking. It is made up of a large fire bowl that acts as a griddle with the fire in the middle. It also comes with a removable grill grate so you can sear and roast your favorite meats. Heavy duty and easy to clean, the Arteflame is a great addition to any backyard. Additionally, use the discount code "FIRE" and get 10% off your next Arteflame purchase!

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