Two Appliances that Help You Conquer the Backyard Cookout

Overcome the fearsome grill out with the confidence of a Gladiator!

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For some, the backyard cookout is a beast that is not easily conquerable.

The stress of planning, organizing, and maintaining all of the food, family and grills is both difficult & taxing. With major holidays like 4th of July around the corner, you might be looking for the best tips & tricks to making sure your party is a success.

Luckily, I have found an answer to most of your worries: The Gladiator® All Refrigerator & Upright Freezer.

Perfect appliance for keeping dairy cold.

Perfect appliance for keeping dairy cold.

One of the biggest mistakes while grilling out is not having enough storage for all the food that you bought.

Sometimes this means that you leave things out of the fridge that should not be left out. Sometimes this means that you skimp out on buying something that you really need because you do not know where to store it. That is not a worry with these appliances.

Being a backyard griller, I constantly have large cuts of meat that I am storing for big cookouts. With the storage space of the Upright Freezer, I can place whole beef ribs, ham & more without worrying about it overflowing. The ample storage space is a game changer because I never fear that I cannot fit my food inside the Gladiator.

Speaking of storing large items, ever wanted to have a keg inside your fridge? With the metal shelf on the All-Refrigerator, you can hold a metal keg without worrying that you are damaging or hurting the appliances shelves.

This opens up a whole new world of possibilities for backyard cookouts! Now you don’t need to buy cases & cases of beer that will likely take up more space in your fridge.

Just get a whole keg and keep the party rolling!

Get those kebabs marinated in the All-Refrigerator.

Get those kebabs marinated in the All-Refrigerator.

Another big mistake for people when hosting backyard grill outs is not having easy access to the fridge or freezer.

You spend so much time hoisting coolers full of food & drinks so you don’t have to trek back and forth.

The problem is that the coolers are heavy, easily change temperature and you end up forgetting something anyway. Long story short, you find yourself back upstairs at the fridge grabbing more stuff for the cooler.

If you are using the Gladiator All Refrigerator & Upright Freezer, then you wouldn’t need to worry about this. These appliances can be easily moved from one space to the other with their lock in place wheels.

We store ours inside the garage normally; however, when it is grilling time we wheel them out to the back patio! It just makes everything easier to access.


Loading up the freezer!

Loading up the freezer!

Lastly, have you ever found yourself holding a big pan of food that needs to be placed inside the fridge or freezer?

Your hands are full and no one is around to help you open the door to the appliance. This is the worst. This situation happens to me all the time. I love marinating steak and pork for big grill outs.

Once, I accidentally dropped the food while trying to open the fridge door, and it spilled everywhere. I decided that this catastrophe would never happen again.

The one nice feature about the Gladiator appliances is the easy open foot pedal. With just one tap of my foot, I have the whole fridge open and ready to be stored.

This is a life saver for hosts during parties. Open the door with your foot, while still holding your tongs or drink! Its simple things like this that can make sure your 4th of July party go smoothly.


Smoking armadillo eggs!

Smoking armadillo eggs!

Do not be afraid of the backyard grill out.

They are easy to conquer when you have the right tips, tricks and gear for the job. For me, the Gladiator All Refrigerator & Upright Freezer was a game changer for our 4th of July party.

Check it out for yourself and see if its the right appliance for you! Just make sure to keep your fire rolling, your guest laughing & your food cooking.

Happy 4th of July & cheers!


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NOTE: Refrigerator contents may freeze if room temperatures reach 32°F (0°C) or below. Monitor food and beverages frequently for freezing, freshness and taste when using the refrigerator in cold locations. And even in extreme temperatures from 0°F (-17°C) to 110°F (43°C) Gladiator Upright Freezer keeps all items properly frozen.

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