One Ingredient That Will Make A High Quality Steak

Leaving your taste buds in Heaven!


We've all been there: trying out a new grilling technique or high-end seasoning that is suppose to make a steak taste even better.

Most of the time the new techniques are difficult to learn, require expensive gear, and leave you wishing you never tried them at all. Even more, the high-end seasonings are good for a moment but never quite satisfy your steak cravings.

But, shouldn't cooking an amazing steak be easy? Shouldn't it be simple?

What if I told you that there was only one ingredient/technique that could leave your steak tasting perfect? In this article, I will show you that you don't need fancy gear or high-end seasoning to make a perfect steak! All you need is quality salt...


Quality Salt

Salt is the backbone of any great meal. From bread to meat, adding salt is found in almost every recipe on the planet. But since it is cooked with so often, sometimes it is easy to substitute quality over quantity.

Quality salt, like sea salt or Himalayan salt, is completely organic with no added chemicals or unnatural flavorings. This kind of salt is farmed in small towns by hard working men & woman who take pride in finding the most pure salt in the world. High quality salt is what our body craves as it is full of nutrients and enhanced flavor.

Full of Nutrients & Electrolytes

Although some people talk about how negative salt is, its important to remember that it is an essential part of our diet. When you talk about quality salt, like sea salt or Himalayan pink salt, you start to learn that there is much more to them than simply salt.

Inside most natural salts are over 60+ trace minerals which are essential to bodily functions. These trace minerals are found in natural salts due to them not being tampered with or having added chemicals. That is not all, natural sea salts also boast electrolytes like sodium, magnesium, potassium and calcium. All of these are vital to the body and only help to enhance its functions.

Enhanced Flavor

So why does quality salt matter in regards to flavor?

High quality salt actually retains more flavor for whatever you are cooking. Instead of being cooked out of the meal on high temperatures, it actually absorbs the flavor profile of the food and turns any dish into something incredible! Even more, it does not have any added chemicals so all you are tasting is natural salt which has a stronger and more enhanced taste.

Try this out: When you add a little salt to your steak before you cook it, you actually encapsulate the flavor of the beef by having the salt absorb any juice that is trying to leave while its being cooked. The salt acts as a natural barrier preventing the flavor of the meat from being lost to the flames.

Once you pull your steak off the grill and let it rest, it is a good idea to add another touch of salt once the steak is sliced. This salt will create a contrasting flavor profile with the flavor of the beef.

So in the end...

Having quality salt can even turn a great steak into a perfect steak. This seasoning, when used right, enhances flavor and provides the body with essential nutrients.

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