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Making some shrimp on the Bush Grill

Making some shrimp on the Bush Grill

Cooking on the road can be difficult...

When you are in a normal kitchen, all your gear is so easy to get too. But when you are on the road, then you need to travel light. Your big cast iron collection dwindles into just one or two skillets. All your spices start to really become 5-6 main spices. And all of your grills tend to get narrowed down to just one (if you can pack that one).

So how to you choose the right stuff???

There are loads of ways to decide on skillets, spices & other gear that you bring on the road. But what about the grill? The answer is simple: you need to bring the Crafted Fire Bush Grill.

This grill is made for the road! Its easy to use, super pack-able & within anyone's budget. Below I am going to share my 4 quick reasons why this grill should be in the trunk of everyone's car when traveling!


1. Tons of Cooking Space

Sizzling in that butter!

Sizzling in that butter!

With over 16" of grill space, this campfire grill can easily fit multiple cast irons or steaks. Grill for over 4 people at one time without having to grill in sections. Like shown above, I use this grill to cook steak and egg breakfast for 2 all the time!

The whole grilling surface is also very usable. Due to the design of the grill, you can create fire that heats from the outer edge of the grill to the center. You can also create hotter and cooler spots on the grill by maneuvering the coals underneath!

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2. Use Lump Charcoal, Briquettes, or Wood

Lighting some wood chunks.

Lighting some wood chunks.

There are not a lot of portable grills on the market that allow you use any live fire heat source you can think of! Whether your a lump charcoal, briquettes or wood fan, you can use it all of them on the Crafted Fire Bush Grill.

The other amazing part is how quickly the grill will heat up. Because of the ample amount of air flow, the grill will quickly heat up to cooking temperature in 10 minutes. This means that you can prep and be ready to eat in under 30 minutes.

My preferred charcoal & wood chunks is Cowboy Charcoal!


3. Packs Down Flat

Image from

Image from

Nothing is more agonizing than having to fit a large & clunky grill into your car. They can take up lots of space and render some of that space are unusable. When you pack the Bush Grill, it actually breaks apart into 4 separate flat pieces. These pieces are super easy to pack as they will lay down flat in any car. Pack anything you want on top of them or shove it into a small space in the RV! The grill is meant to be broken down and go with you.

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5. Long Lasting & Durable

Make your breakfast anywhere you go!

Make your breakfast anywhere you go!

The grill is made of stainless steel which should last you a long time. With proper care, it will not rust or get gross. The key is to clean it after being used and store it in a dry & cool place. The grill is also very sturdy for all of your off-roading adventures. It can easily withstand life on the road or in the outback. Don't be afraid to put it too the test!

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To Conclude...

The Bush Grill by Crafted Fire is a must have for anyone that needs something that cooks over fire, is light & is durable. Make sure to grab yours on the Crafted Fire website below before Fathers Day!!!!


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