What is Picanha?

Find everything you need to know about this delicious cut of meat!

 Grilled and ready to eat.

Grilled and ready to eat.

If you have been follow my journey for a while, then you are bound to have seen me talk about picanha.


Traditionally called picanha in Brazil and other Latin American countries, this prized cut of meat holds amble amounts of flavor & has a texture similar to sirloin. If you are like me, then you probably were stunned the first time you heard about this cut of beef.

I have received so many questions about this cut that I decided to compile them into a list below! Hopefully I can answer everything you would like to know about this delicious cut of meat.


FAQ's about Picanha

 Sliced into sirloin cuts.

Sliced into sirloin cuts.

1. What part of the animal is it from?

Picanha is from the back side of the animal above the butt where it sits on a fat cap. Most US butchers would call this area the round.

2. Is it called something else in the United States?

Yes, picanha is called Sirloin Cap or Rump Cap in the USA. Most US butchers actually break picanha down into to other cuts like rump, round & loin. They sacrifice the highly prized fat cap in the process. Therefore, picanha can be hard to find in the USA.

3. What does it taste like?

The taste of picanha is that of sirloin. Tender and juicy with a lot of flavor. It holds very little fat inside the meat therefore you must cook it perfectly in order to not make it tough.


 Picanha on the grill!

Picanha on the grill!

4. Do you eat the fat on the steak?

You can definitely eat the fat cap. Most Latin American countries keep the fat cap on for added flavor! For those that do not like to eat the fat, then you are welcome to cut it off and enjoy the meat.

5. How do you prepare it & cook it?

If you are using a whole picanha, then you first will sear the meat fat side down for 3-4 minutes. Once the fat is seared, you will then pull it off the grill & slice against the grain in order to make sirloin cuts (shown above). Place the sirloin cuts back on the grill and cook as you would normally cook a steak. Traditionally, you would cut the meat with the fat still on.

6. Where can I buy this cut of meat in the United States?

I highly recommend finding a local butcher shop that does full animal break down in order to get picanha. These butchers should understand what you mean if you want to get sirloin cap with the fat cap still on!

7. Can you buy picanha online?

Yes, the guys at PorterRoad.com have fantastic picanha for sale and can ship to any location inside the 48 continuous states! You only have to make sure that it is in stock as if sells out quickly. Click here to see more.

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